Making Arts and Crafts Feasible, Attainable, and FUN!

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Funded by the Westly Foundation, PVF’s Arts Resource Grant Program provides grants of up to $500 to teachers in select low-income Peninsula school districts to be used for arts-related learning. As a flexible program, these grants allow K-8 public school teachers the ability to inject creativity into their classrooms, from basic art supplies to field trips and musical instruments to theater performances. Below is an excerpt we have received from Mrs. Shimada and Mr. Warner at LUCHA Elementary School during the 2021-2022 school year, along with photos of the students’ colorful thank you letters!

In 2nd Grade at LUCHA (Learning in and Urban Community with High Achievement) Elementary School, we relish arts and crafts. Arts and crafts foster creativity, patience, fine motor skills practice, provide real life reading comprehension and writing opportunities, and the students feel a GREAT sense of accomplishment upon their completion. The arts and crafts also enhance and fortify our prescribed curricula.  All of us are thoroughly enjoying the arts and crafts opportunities you all created. Thanks a million for making these arts and crafts learning opportunities feasible, attainable and incredibly FUN!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank  for your kindness, generosity and for helping us make the future brighter!

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