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At the Invention Hub, radical collaboration and connecting the dots infuse the spirit of the space. I recently brought together a start up and a nonprofit in this spirit of collaboration.


– James Higa in his blog post, “Where’s James? Connecting the Dots at the Invention Hub”  

PVF Blog

We invite you to look at PVF’s blog, where you can find posts from our President and Executive Director, in which they write about the places they visit and the people they meet. In addition, you can read guest posts from PVF grantees as well as learn about projects we fund.


PVF Newsletter

Progress is PVF’s newsletter for our donors and colleagues, describing new initiatives and customized programs created with donors to match their giving interests.


A change agent brings about change. Hopefully, change implies doing things better. Change also means taking a risk, and we are willing to do just that. There is no better role for philanthropy then as an agent of change. We are the entrepreneurial dollar of society.


– Bill Somerville in PVF’s April 2014 newsletter, “Philanthropic Ventures Foundation as an Agent of Change” 



We are pleased to present short Micro-Documentaries that depict PVF’s work. Each short film is one minute long and features the testimonial of a PVF donor, colleague or grantee.

We are grateful to the Peery Foundation for making the micro-documentaries possible.  The videos are produced by the talented staff of

Learn about PVF Board Member Cole Wilbur’s take on PVF’s grassroots grantmaking approach.

Learn about Sister Christina of the Saint Francis Center and her continued partnership with PVF.

View Dien Yuen, Managing Director for Kordant Philanthropy Advisors, praising PVF’s donor-advised services.

Check out PVF Founder Bill Somerville discussing his philosophy of trust in grassroots grantmaking.

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Growing evidence suggests that philanthropists who take more risks could bring about greater innovation and impact in the not-for-profit sector.


– Liza Ramrayka, The Guardian, “Who are the future philanthropists?”  

Philanthropy is a fascinating pursuit.  It’s the stuff of dreams made practical, a lever that can move the world. Philanthropy is a subject about which I remain unequivocally and unapologetically passionate.


– Bill Somerville in “Grassroots Philanthropy” 

Grassroots Philanthropy – the Book

by Bill Somerville and Fred Setterberg

Grassroots Philanthropy is a candid critique of the foundation world.  With some 67,000 foundations now sitting atop billions of dollars – and almost complete freedom to decide how this money will be spent – the book frankly asks:  Why aren’t we – the entire philanthropic sector – doing a much better job?

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“Through his work with PVF, Higa is on a mission to discover what’s next in philanthropy, to take the old models of charity and shake them up. To that end, he launched the Invention Hub in San Francisco in February, a space that will bring together thought leaders from business, technology, and philanthropy to create jobs for the city’s under-privileged.”


— PVF’s Executive Director, James Higa, was featured in a 2014 Gentry SV article, “Bold New Vision”