SheEO’s 2022 U.S. Ventures

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PVF has been supporting SheEO by being their designated fund partner in the U.S. since the organization launched its program in the U.S. in 2016.

Under SheEO’s model to support female entrepreneurs, up to 1,000 women (called “activators”) each contribute $1,100, which is pooled into a fund and loaned out, interest-free, to local, women-led ventures with a social good mission. Funds are paid back over five years and then reinvested over and over again.

This year, SheEO conducted its 6th round in the U.S. and has announced its top five Ventures:


Access Trax – Kelly Twichel

Access Trax empowers people with physical disabilities to easily access outdoor terrain & recreation using our modular, ADA compliant, portable access mats.


Mohala Eyewear, LLC – Ashley Johnson

Mohala Eyewear designs inclusive eyewear (3 nose bridge options, widths and adjustable frames) and every pair sold sends a girl to school at Room to Read.


Remark Glass – Danielle Ruttenberg + Rebecca Davies

Remark Glass is a zero-waste certified, woman owned business focused on innovative and creative glass reuse.


Saathi – Kristin Kagetsu

Saathi addresses lack of access to menstrual products in a sustainable way by making 100% biodegradable & compostable sanitary pads from banana & bamboo fiber.


Youme Healthcare Inc. – Hafeezah Muhammad

Youme Healthcare Inc. is a digital pediatric mental health company for the forgotten children on Medicaid.

As we’ve seen previous SheEO Ventures come to great success, we’re excited to follow the progress and growth of these companies in the coming years.

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