Art Resource Grants

Grants to boost classroom and after-school arts education in music, theater, visual arts, and dance

Program Details


Any public school teacher, TK-8, in the peninsula school districts listed are eligible to apply: Alum Rock, Belmont, Cabrillo, East Palo Alto, Franklin/McKinley, Menlo Park, Mountain View/Whisman, Pescadero, Redwood City, San Carlos.

Limit of three grants per school and one grant per teacher.


Grants of up to $500 are available to public school teachers grades TK-8 to enhance your virtual classroom and after-school arts programs. Examples: art supplies to send home, visiting artist in your virtual classroom, stipends for after-school virtual art teaching, costumes or props to send home, professional development. The purpose of this program is to enhance arts education in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts.


Send your application in as soon as it is ready – money is limited. Funding will be immediately available, if approved.

Fax your application to (510) 645-1892, or scan and email your application to


It’s easy! Simply fax in (or scan and email) a description of your idea on school letterhead, including the following information:

  • Date and “Arts Resource Grant” notation
  • School and district name, address, telephone and fax number
  • Teacher name, email address, and grade level
  • Total amount requested
  • Description of your project; how many students will benefit
  • Itemization of how the money will be spent (we encourage same grade level teachers to apply together to maximize this resource grant)
  • Applications must be signed by both the submitting teacher and the school principal (If you cannot get your application physically signed, please cc your principal/director when submitting your request by email and let them know to respond by confirming that they approve your application for review. This email will serve as their “signature”

For questions, please contact us at (510) 645-1890 or

“Particularly in a rural school district such as ours, where families frequently haven’t the money or the resources to offer their children extracurricular activities, our public school classrooms are their only hope of exposure to art education. Giving children from all socio-economic backgrounds a voice is particularly important at Hatch, where the arts provide common ground and a creative space in which our students can express their hopes, dreams and concerns.”

3rd grade teacher, Johanna Gelb, Alvin S. Hatch Elementary School, Half Moon Bay




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This program is made possible with funding from the Westly Foundation.

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“You gave me a wonderful opportunity to try several new art projects that have enriched my students and gave them more exposure to the world of art. With the help of your grant, my students have supplies that would otherwise not be available to them.”


– Genevieve Banet, 3rd Grade Teacher, Brittan Acres School, San Carlos, California