Grant Programs

PVF administers a variety of unique grant programs designed to support our communities and close the inequality gap 

PVF created the “Immediate-Response” Teacher Resource Grants Programs in response to a private foundation client’s goal to improve public education. As a result of the success of these programs, they are now available in 5 San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Recognizing the need for innovative partnerships to support vulnerable youth in foster care, PVF created programs with our “Immediate-Response” model to serve the critical needs of children in the dependency system. These needs are identified by social workers and juvenile judges.

Getting out of the office, listening to what people in the community have to say — that’s where we get our best ideas. We run a variety of community initiatives, many of which represent collaborations with donors interested in making a big impact.



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Top and bottom banner photo credit: Martin Klimek

“I am about to finish my senior year because of the Grace Scholarship; I am the 1st in my family to finish college.”


– Zimbabwean Grace Scholar studying at a U.S. university