The Jackie Speier Foundation for Women and Children
Helping Women and Children Thrive in San Mateo County
2023-2024 Teacher Resource Grants
Applications for most teacher grant programs are now being accepted!
PVF Progress
Progress is PVF’s newsletter for our donors and colleagues, describing new initiatives and customized programs created with donors to match their giving interests.
Corporate Philanthropy
PVF has been blazing new trails with companies to embed community giving into their DNA.

Our Mission

To engage creative donors and community partners in grassroots philanthropy via radical collaboration.

From partnering with Facebook to fund nonprofits to an awards program for innovative ideas, our community initiatives benefit from our grassroots giving expertise.

In an effort to address inequalities in public education and build future generations of strong leaders, PVF provides small but critically needed grants to individual classrooms.

PVF is known for creating customized giving opportunities, in which we match a donor’s giving interest with an innovative program that we have either designed or identified for the donor.

Faces of PVF

Top and bottom banner photo credit: Martin Klimek

“We believe – start small, think big, act quickly. This is what PVF does.”  


– Bill Somerville, PVF’s Founder and President