Community Initiatives

We believe that the potential for impact is related to the ability to venture, try new approaches, take risks and sometimes fail

We encourage grantees to act in this way as well, pushing the envelope, whether it means reaching a new population group or becoming self-sufficient. At PVF we cause things to happen, initiating programs, forming collaboratives and acting quickly so that grants are made when needed at critical intervention points.

Current Community Initiatives



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Help us keep these community initiatives thriving.

“Education truly is the only way out of poverty. When Nancy graduated from the ESL program at Rosalie Rendu I pushed her to become a Parent Involvement Worker in the local elementary school, where she could encourage Spanish-speaking parents to become engaged in their children’s education. She has grown in her position and now wants to be a teacher. She started at Cañada College in January. Without PVF’s help in getting her working in the schools, she would not have realized that she too could go to college and become a teacher.”



– Sister Trinitas Hernandez, Rosalie Rendu Center, East Palo Alto, CA