Enriching Learning with Art

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Philanthropic Ventures Foundation is helping children to remain artists for as long as possible with its Arts Resource Grant Program. The purpose of this program is to help teachers inspire their students by enhancing their classrooms and after-school arts programs, which have suffered in the past due to state budget cuts. Teachers can use these $500 grants to pay for art supplies, visiting artists, instruments, costumes, stipends for after-school arts teaching, props, and professional development.

Arts education is important for our students because it allows them to express themselves creatively as well as eliminate any cultural or linguistic barriers. Here’s what Genevieve Banet, a 5th Grade Teacher from San Carlos had to say about how her students benefitted from an Arts Resource Grant:

“The check for $500.00 went toward blank canvases, watercolor pads, watercolor brush pens, and marker colored brush pens.  I can’t tell you how excited they are to use everything!  The color brush pens have added a new element to our art work.  We have been experimenting with the watercolor brush pens, and learning new techniques.  It makes such a difference to use watercolors on watercolor paper!  I’ve attached some pictures of a Cherry Blossom art project we just finished.


I just would like to thank you and the Westly Foundation for funding me with this grant.  I am very grateful, and this is such a wonderful opportunity for me to provide my students with supplies that they would otherwise not have access to in the classroom.   With the help of your grant and the supplies I’ve been able to purchase, I have been able to take the skills I’ve learned throughout my years of teaching and create quality artwork.  My 5th Grade class always looks forward to art and my classroom is full of color.   It is such an important part of expression and learning, and I am fortunate enough to provide my student with this opportunity. My students can now benefit from my knowledge and your generosity. Best of all, they are excited about art. Thank you again for giving me the chance to enrich my students and increase their exposure to art!”

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