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Funded by the Westly Foundation, PVF’s Arts Resource Grant Program provides grants of up to $500 to teachers in select Peninsula school districts to be used for arts-related learning. As a flexible program that encourages creativity, we have received a diverse range of requests, from basic art supplies to field trips and musical instruments to theater performances. Below are some thank you letter excerpts we have received from grant recipients that depict the impact of these small immediate response grants:

“Our new Art In Action Kindergarten pilot program has been going great this year. The children love it, the parents are excited to see what their kids can accomplish and we are on track to continue this program for future kindergarten classes. Each year we have an art show in the spring and I am happy to say that our Kindergarten kids will be showing their work this year for the first time. We are lucky to live in a time where the arts and art education is considered valuable and I appreciate that this grant program exists to help further our STEAM education goals.” – Central Elementary

“Thanks to the Art Resource Grant, Continent Day in Africa was a huge success. I never realized until I started researching online and ‘visiting’ the different African countries how diverse and amazing the art of Africa is. The classes were inspired and took the art to another level not only in the Continent Day activities, but in the thought that went into decorating the rooms. There was evidence of African influenced art everywhere, including in the math projects. I think the kids came away with a better understanding that Africa is more than just a place with interesting animals.” – Farallone View Elementary School

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“Our fifth grade students had a marvelous experience attending the classic production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. What a great opportunity to connect our students to the art of theater and extend their learning! This play enriched their cultural experience and hopefully helped to impart moral values. All of our students live in a rural area, so for them to travel to the city of San Francisco was quite the urban adventure. Many of them have never been to San Francisco or to a performing arts theater. Thanks to you, our kids got to have this rich learning experience.” – La Honda School

“We have been able to fill our classroom with so many wonderful items, and share these items with the other two kindergarten classrooms at Willow Oaks Elementary School. These supplies are used daily as a structured art activity center that changes weekly. During our activity centers, the students look most forward to the new art center presented each week. The students are so proud of their artwork as they can take home their products and share them with their family and friends. Our classroom shines with colorful artists and it is all thanks to YOU for helping our class!” – Willow Oaks Elementary

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