Making Memories with the Social Worker Resource Grant Program

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Through years of radical philanthropy, we at PVF have found that small can be significant and impactful, reflected in both our small staff size and our small and strategic grant size. Our signature Social Worker/CASA Resource Grants Program is no exception. This program provides $250 grants to dedicated social workers and CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to support the critical needs of children in court dependency and foster care with whom they work. Despite the small $250 price tag, these grants impact the lives of our communities’ neediest children in significant ways.

A family of 3 brothers were approved grants in order to provide each child with a bicycle. They are able to get physical exercise and have a means of transportation to school, but most importantly they have an activity they can do together.

We received the following comments back from the boys’ CASA’s:

  • “This young man will love this new bike, and I hope it helps him deal with his challenging life as a Foster child.”
  • “In coordinating with 2 fellow CASA’s including waiting for all of us to be fully Covid vaccinated, we went out with the 3 brothers to purchase the bikes! When I first said to my foster youth last week that we were going to the store to purchase a bike, JM said, “awesome!”. Although he doesn’t smile often, I could hear and feel the smile in his voice. We ended up bike riding for over 2 hours!”
  • “We went as a group to a local store and purchased bikes for all of the siblings using the grants.  We then spent a few hours biking as a group, involving biking to a local gas station to get some snacks and eat at the park. Thanks so much for helping us make this young boy’s day and giving him a great memory with his siblings.”

We thank our donors for making memories like these possible.

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