Margo Rosen Award

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Earlier this month, the Women of Courage Award Selection Committee funded a new $2,500 award in honor of Margo Rosen, the former District Director for Congresswoman Jackie Speier and a dedicated advocate for equal rights and social justice, who passed away this May at age 61.

Margo was a notable presence in local, state and federal government. She had a particular zeal for constituent service, and was nicknamed “The Miracle Worker” for her success in resolving constituent issues. She was not a woman of half measures – she advanced more than she retreated, she spoke up more than she piped down, and she loved more than she liked. This award honors her legacy by supporting young women with the same spirit, resiliency, and drive.

Faatimah Amen-Ra A

Faatimah Amen-Ra A was chosen as the first Margo Rosen Awardee. Faatimah is a professional women’s basketball player and initiated a professional league in California that caters to women with the same love for the game. On top of that, she works with various AAU programs as well as the Golden State Warriors Youth Camps to empower and teach the game of basketball to the next generation of young women athletes.

In the words of her nominators, “Every year [Faatimah] continues to build more relationships with these athletes and reminds them that anything is possible while being there to assist them at any time throughout their journey. She is known as one of the hardest working and trustworthy coaches and her work ethic is second to none. She has never let her circumstance dim her light or stop her from sharing her gifts to help better serve the community.”

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