An Opportunity to Learn and Blossom

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The Special Education Resource Grant program is now open for the 2021-2022 school year!

After 17 years, this program remain in high demand by the educators working with special education students. The grants fund a variety of fundamental needs, such as sensory regulation tools, iPads, parent education workshops, and professional development, and the reports we receive back every year are heartfelt and inspiring. Read some excerpts from our 2020-2021 reports below:

“A big thank you to you and the foundation for funds to buy an iPad to aid in communication for my students. We have been loving it! Having an additional device to model AAC use with my students has been amazing and I’m so grateful. Additionally, with the shortage in some devices this year due to the pandemic, it has been great to be able to still trial different apps for communication with these students.” – Shannon LaSalle, Speech-Language Pathologist at Mt. Diablo Unified School District

“On behalf of my students, Id like to express my gratitude for the generous donations of $475.00 towards Home Learning Kits Preschool. Each student is thrilled to receive it. Not only have these Home Learning Kits given joy and more learning materials they can utilize at home but more importantly they have given the opportunity for my students to learn more skills. During virtual learning sessions, some students are able to name all letters when using the letter visual cards. Others who are nonverbal are able to point to the letters as they go over the letter cards. We use the letter cards to learn letter sounds too. The colorful bears in the kits are the perfect materials for my students to learn sorting skill. They are able to sort the bears based on colors (red, yellow, blue and green). My students are now learning to count with 1:1 correspondence using the colorful bears

I cant thank you enough for giving my students the opportunity to learn and blossom during this difficult time. The pandemic sure does not stop them from learning at homeLastly, I thank you again for Philanthropic Ventures Foundations commitment in supporting teachers with grants and helping students succeed at school and in life.” – Jenny Kartanegara, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Jack London Special Day Class Preschool

“I know your foundation appreciates when teachers share information and pictures about what was purchased with the education grants you provide every year. I received a special education grant last school year but, due to several reasons, I wasn’t able to send a thank you letter before the end of the year. Now, here it’s August already— and I just remembered I never sent it at all! I do apologize for being so late and hope it doesn’t make it appear I’m ungrateful. I very much appreciate your generosity and want you all to know that your foundation’s contributions to public education have a big impact on local students in a very real way. Thank you!” – David Hunter, TRAIL@Bridge
Loma Vista Adult Education Center, MDUSD

Feedback like this inspires us. While small in size, the Special Education Grants create a lasting impact for countless students who are building important skills using these new resources. Apply today!

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