Cocokind Impact Foundation’s 2020 Winners

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Priscilla Tsai founded Cocokind to provide a clean, certified organic, socially conscious, and accessible skincare line, based around superfoods.

Through PVF, Cocokind Impact Foundation provides grants of $2,500 to $10,000 to female-identifying entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries to create social impact through business.

Each grant recipient also receives a Cocokind Impact Mentor from Cocokind’s network of successful founders and leaders in the wellness space for the year after receiving the grant.

Here are the winners of Cocokind Impact Foundation’s 2020 grant cycle:


Sugardoh is a new kind of sustainable body care, with minimal ingredients and little waste. Sugardoh makes 100% backyard compostable sugar paste that sustainably removes unwanted hair and leaves your skin baby-bottom smooth.


Lo Que Sea is a shoe company dedicated to designing beautiful shoes in extended sizes specifically for femmes across the entire gender spectrum. Lo Que Sea designs feminine shoes for trans women, cis women, gender non-binary people, and cis men with sizes 10-15 in women’s shoes.


ebb&flo produces scientific and gynecological approved broad-spectrum pharmaceutical-grade extracts that provide the perfect dosages to alleviate endometriosis symptoms within the pelvic organs through the first uterine pass effect. With their eco-friendly products, ebb&flo is the first pharmacognosy solution for women with endometriosis.


Peak and Valley is a mindful company that creates potent mushroom and herbal supplements for holistic wellness. Their neuroscientist formulated blends bring together herbal wisdom from ancient healing traditions with premier scientific research.

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