Inspiring Feedback from Arts Resource Grant Recipients

 In Arts Grant Program

Each school year, PVF’s Arts Resource Grants are awarded to K-8 public school teachers looking to inject creativity into their classrooms. This year, more than 60 grants were given to classrooms in select Southern San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara County school districts. These grants allow teachers to bring artists into the classroom, purchase art supplies, and explore artistic places with their students.

As the school year comes to a close and an abundance of thank you letters, drawings, and photos come in, we want to share some inspiring feedback about our Arts Resource Grant Program that is made possible through funding from the Westly Foundation:

arts“I am thrilled to be able to supply my students with quality art materials that are used to expand their creativity and wonder, teach and anchor skills and cross-curricular concepts, and provide magical hands-on learning experiences for the children. We’ve sketched and watercolored beautiful landform landscapes for our Rocks and Mineral science unit, created collaged book covers for student-authored books, painted nighttime poetry pieces involving line and color value, mixed primary color playdough to form a spectrum color wheel of colors, and much more. There was a collective sigh of ‘ooooh!’ when the children first painted with their new art brushes…what a huge difference from our old broken class set of plastic bristle brushes! I am humbled by your generosity and sensitivity to the needs of the classroom and teacher and all that it takes to run a class in the ways that we love to teach.” – Sandpiper School Elementary School, Redwood City

arts 4“We are thankful to the Westly Foundation for its wonderful support of the dance therapy program for the preschool autism children. Movement is one of the most important aspects of a young child’s life. Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child; dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Thank you so much for your support!” Lyndale Elementary, San Jose

“Our school produced a musical teaching about the importance of everyone being unique and the power of friendship and we were able to put the Westly Funds toward many areas of the production. From hand-sewn mermaid costumes to body mics, we are so very appreciative of your willingness to help support our school with this project. The impact of the grant has been priceless. We feel lucky to say that the arts are very much alive and well in our San Carlos Public School.” – White Oaks School, San Carlos

arts 2 “I wanted to thank the Westly Foundation for providing our 1st grade class the opportunity to explore, create, and activate our imaginations. The Arts Resource Grants Program helped our class get more crayons, pencils, papers, and art supplies that were used for special projects. Creativity comes in many ways!” – San Antonio Elementary, San Jose

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