Where’s Sheryl? Exploring Great Ideas with Village of the Coastside

 In Where’s Sheryl

by Sheryl Young, San Mateo County Program Director

Chattering teens and older adults huddled around the crowded Half Moon Bay library tables with their cell phones, iPads, and computers is better than the Apple Genius Bar! One teen explains that his dad is a fisherman and there is only one carrier that works on the water and behind the hills on the coast. Another teen shows how to sync the iPhone with the iPad. This is the monthly Tips with Teens program sponsored by Village of the Coastside, where members can drop by with their equipment and questions, and teens from the high school volunteer their time and talent–with no wait time!


Judy Macias is the powerhouse behind this organization. She received a grant from PVF several years ago to attend a national conference of the Village; she came back determined to develop a local program to help adults age in place. Today, Village of the Coastside has nearly 100 members attending movies, excursions to see places such as the Walt Disney museum, opera and ballet, and holds coffee and conversation events throughout the coastside. The members also volunteer to help each other with local rides, pet services and in-home support services. Judy was the founding member of Sonrisas, dental care for low-income families, was the first volunteer for the RotaCare Coastside Clinic, and is the former Executive Director of Coastside Hope.

Once again, Bill’s philosophy is proven: Find good people and invest in them! Judy says, “Bill’s trust in me was the magic key to this new chapter in my life!” One new exciting project is to work with Amazon’s Alexa to change the tone and frequency so that it is easier for older adults to hear, in order for them to make phone calls and help manage their daily lives. She is also exploring tiny houses and shared living as opportunities for older adults to stay on the coast. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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