The $1 Million Man

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Cole Wilbur has an extensive background in philanthropy. For 23 years he was CEO at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation when it grew from $7 million to $11 billion. When he retired from being CEO he then served on the Packard Foundation’s board for 15 years and his final term has just ended.

Bill Somerville and Cole Wilbur

In recognition of his commitment, the Packard Foundation established a $1 million fund at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF) for Cole to give out to programs and nonprofits. We feel this is a fitting way to commend Cole and to allow him to recognize excellence in the work of nonprofits.

Cole is contributing these funds toward a few efforts to make significant change in the community. As Cole recommends grants to be made, the foundation will issue checks in its usual 48 hour turnaround and as with all foundation giving, the grants will be evaluated for their effectiveness.

We are proud that PVF was selected to be the holder of this special fund. The Packard Foundation and PVF have had a working relationship for 24 years.

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