PVF’s Mathematics Resource Program Offers Grants to Build a Stronger Foundation for the Future

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Exposure to mathematical principals at an early age can help forge a path for future mathematics and scientific learning. According to a report by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, students should reach mathematics milestones every few years in order to build the foundation necessary to be more successful in their general education. For example, “students who complete Algebra II are more than twice as likely to graduate from college compared to students with less mathematical preparation.”Franklin-McKinley CC outreach

Recognizing this, the Heising-Simons Foundation partnered with PVF to create the Mathematics Resource Grant Program. This program funds math resources in preschools and kindergarten through third grade classrooms.

The easy-to-apply-to program has provided significant support to preschool and elementary school mathematics programs. Below are a few ways in which teachers and their students have benefited from this program:

Fairmont West Preschool – charting materials to track airplanes in the sky

The preschoolers charted every plane that flew over them during outside play time. They also purchased basic mathematics materials to practice their counting skills. According to the teacher, “Math was incorporated into all the room’s areas with the purchased items, and this sparked our enthusiasm for more extended hands-on math activities.”

Franklin Elementary School – measurement manipulatives

Nesbit Puma - Darlene Luna 2012 3This third grade teacher used her funding to purchase measurement manipulatives for her students, which allowed her students to take a more hands-on approach to learning: “We only have measurement tools for demonstration purposes, so students learn about measurement by watching the teachers.  By securing enough materials for our students to work in small groups, we know that they will be able to practice conducting measurements and make a better connection to the math skills they are learning.”

Santa Teresa Elementary – math boards, number tracks

A 2nd grade teacher received a grant to purchase math boards and number tracks for her students in order to promote hands on learning: “I have an exceptional group of 2nd graders who are eager to learn and I want to give them every bit of resources possible so that learning will be meaningful and fun. The concept of regrouping with addition and subtraction can be a daunting task for many students – hands on materials help students grasp these new lessons.”

This beneficial program has just received another injection of funding and we are now accepting applications. If you know any K-3 public school teachers in San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties, please encourage them to enhance their mathematics curriculum by applying now!

St. Elizabeth School - Mathematics Resource Grant

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