Math Resource Grant Thank You Letters

 In Mathematics Grant Program

Grants of up to $500 are available to fund books, materials, software, manipulatives and professional development related to mathematics.

Math Games and Slider Boards – Santa Teresa Elementary School, San Jose: Ms. Andrea Neff was awarded a grant for games and slider boards for her 2nd grade classroom.

“My students love using these, it gives such a great visual for them. They have been so much fun for the kids to engage and learn some of these difficult tasks. My students are able to rotate more fluidly through Math partner work with the computer while reinforcing and reviewing the skills. We very much appreciate your donation. You are helping teach my fabulous class of kids.”

Math Books and Games – Redwood Shores Elementary, Redwood City: Students from Ms. Caroline Archibald’s 1st and 2nd grade class wrote in to say thank you for the math materials they were able to purchase.

“Thank you for the dice. I love them because it makes math time fun”

“I want you to know that I am really getting to like math more and more just because of you!”

Math Puzzles and CDs – Franklin Elementary School, Burlingame: Ms. Christina Bengle was awarded a grant to purchase math materials to make her lessons more engaging and accessible for her 2nd grade students.

“These materials make math come alive for my students. They have proven to be engaging and challenging. Thank you for your generosity and investment in my students’ future.”

Document Cameras – North Star Academy, Redwood City: Two teachers from North Star were awarded grants to purchase ELMO document cameras to help their math lessons become more interactive.

“These document cameras have been a boon to the classrooms. They increase the student engagement in the lessons and make math more concrete and comprehensible for young learners.”

Games and Manipulatives – Nesbit Puma Cubs, Belmont: Students at Footsteps Child Care received funds to purchase new toys and activities to help them with fundamental math concepts.

“The day that the items were received the children’s eyes lit up with excitement. These activities are something special to the children, and they have taken great care in keeping the activities in tact and looking new.”

Games and Books – Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Daly City: Ms. Alisa Grassi’s class was awarded funding to create backpacks filled with math activities for students to take home on a rotating basis.

“The children are excited to bring these backpacks home so that they may plan the games with their family members. There is an increase in motivation in learning the math games and an improvement in math skills.”

This program is made possible with funding by the Heising-Simons Foundation.

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