Student’s Sensory Needs

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PVF’s Special Education Resource Grants Program has brought numerous resources to teachers over the years, maximizing the skills of their students by providing fundamental needs.

After 19 years, this program remain in high demand by the educators working with special education students, and the reports we receive back every year are heartfelt and inspiring. This past year we saw many requests for sensory support materials to allow students to regulate themselves in order to focus on learning. Below are some excerpts on the impact of such grants:

“With your help I was able to provide for my student’s sensory needs. We use the trampoline, chair feet, slug sensory toys, stress balls and blocks every day. With your support my students were able to channel their energy in appropriate ways in the school environment. They were able to receive the sensory input required to participate in the classroom setting. Everything listed on my initial request was purchased and each of those items were put to good use every day in my classroom. You have helped me for so many years and I am truly grateful for your partnership; without your support I would not have been able to meet my student’s needs.” – Ashley Frey, Kindergarten Teacher


“Thank you so much for the grant that helped my students this school year. With the sensory toys purchased: stress balls, stretchy noodle strings, chew toys, playdough, kinetic sand, pop sticks, students were able to focus and attend to directions and request for highly motivating objects. The hourglass timers are a great tool that we used to help students visualize how much longer they need to work or stay in an area before they can interact with the sensory toys. We use the items purchased with the grant money every day. They especially love the swing and playdough! We have playdough time everyday now and the students are so calm during that time. The chew toys, stress balls, and stretchy noodles have been very well loved and needed to be replaced a couple of times. On behalf of my students and staff, we thank you so much for your support in our classroom!” – Linda Phan, PreKindergarten Teacher


“My class and I are very pleased and grateful to be one of the recipients of the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. The amount from the grants helped fill our sensory area inside our classroom as part of our sensory-based interventions focusing on enhancing sensation to improve behavioral outcomes. The sensory area served as a rehabilitation area for staff/behavior health counselors to provide individual/small group intervention through modeling and redirection to support the students with behavior challenges due to sensory processing disorders. The project benefited 10 students with moderate to extensive exceptional needs. Again, we are very thankful for all the sponsors and the foundation. We hope that you will continue to help other individuals with their projects.” – Olga Formoso-Tiamzon, TK-2nd grade Teacher

The Special Education Resource Grant Program will reopen in August for the 2023-2024 school year!

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