Where’s Bill?: Having Breakfast at the Catholic Worker House

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By Bill Somerville, PVF Founder

Since 1975, the Catholic Worker House in Redwood City has been serving the poor with resources such as bicycles, clothing, and food. For over 30 years they have prioritized access to healthy food for families in need with a biweekly food distribution program. In 2015, PVF provided the funds to purchase a truck to pick up extra food items or items that are considered not desirable anymore from a San Francisco produce mart.

Now the Catholic Worker House has initiated a new breakfast program for homeless persons. I recently visited the program at 4:00am to see the preparation work and at 7:00 am to see over 70 persons get served a meal of rice, fruit cocktail, tamales, bread, and coffee. In addition to breakfast, sleeping bags, jackets, socks, underwear, tents, and tarps are often available.

PVF has been a supporter of Larry Purcell, founder of the Catholic Worker House in Redwood City, and his outstanding work for more than 20 years. We’re grateful for the opportunity to frequently visit their programs and observes Larry’s outstanding vision, dedication and service.

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