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Recognizing the timely needs of vulnerable youth in foster care or court dependency, PVF created the Social Worker/CASA Resource Grant Program. These grants are designed to meet the critical needs of these youth as identified by their Social Workers and Court-Appointed Special Advocates.

We have seen these small grants make a big impact in the lives of our communities’ children and youth. Below are just a few recent responses from recipients:

“I wanted to reach out on behalf of myself and the youth I support to express our gratitude for the resource grant. I’ve been her CASA for nearly 5 years and music has always been her motivation to “keep going”. When I told her about the grant she booked a studio session that same night and recorded 3 songs. Thank you so much again for supporting foster youth and giving them a chance to process their trauma through a means that they are comfortable with.” Hannah Stombler-Levine,  CASA Volunteer, San Francisco County

“I want to express my thanks on behalf of my CASA youth for the grant to help cover the cost of summer camp at Halleck Creek Ranch. She is very much looking forward to going. She has been taking riding lessons for several months now, and most of the children in her riding class will be at the summer camp. It means a lot to her to be able to attend as well. She will be learning to saddle and bridle her horse, and how to brush and wash the horse. The children will be doing some riding, and learning about the other ranch animals – goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, etc. Above all it will give her a chance to spend time with her peers. She struggles to make friends, and I think this experience will be very helpful for her. Thank you so much for your help.” Claire Conger, CASA Volunteer, Contra Costa County

“[My youth] has had a rocky start to his school year as it is the first in-person school year at a new school. As a teenager, he has expressed a lot of interest in getting into sports more. However, I noticed he did not have much of the necessary gear for success. The funds PVF provided was helpful for me to get him some sports gear so that we can find ways to exercise together. I got him new shoes and a new basketball with a pump. I also took him to a local rock climbing gym to get him started on weight training while introducing him to a new sport, [and] we are working on more drills and looking to get him involved in a basketball camp this summer to prepare him for tryouts next year.” Feng Ou, CASA Volunteer, San Francisco County

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