Introducing Cocokind Impact Foundation’s 2019 Grantees

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Priscilla Tsai founded Cocokind to provide a clean, certified organic, socially conscious, and accessible skincare line, based around superfoods.

Through PVF, Cocokind Impact Foundation provides grants of $2,500 to $10,000 to female-identifying entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries to create social impact through business.

Each grant recipient also receives a Cocokind Impact Mentor from Cocokind’s network of successful founders and leaders in the wellness space for the year after receiving the grant.

Here are the winners of Cocokind Impact Foundation’s Winter 2019 grant cycle:


Kimbritive, LLC (Founders: Kimberly Huggins and Brittany Brathwaite)

KIMBRITIVE’s mission is to provide sex education that normalizes, centers, empowers, and celebrates women and girls of color. Through open conversation and sexual wellness workshops, KIMBRITIVE provides black and brown women and girls with resources and support to help them make informed, unapologetic decisions about their bodies, identities, and sexual and reproductive health.

Rent-a-Romper (Founder: Lauren Gregor)

Rent-a-Romper uses a subscription-based model to provide parents with clothes for their baby or toddler, which they’re able to keep for as long as they want, or exchange as often as they need. Their mission is to support parents by making children’s clothing more convenient, affordable, and sustainable. They also aim to break the cycle of clothing waste by building a community-shared closet filled with great baby and children’s pieces, curated so that busy parents don’t need to spend time shopping or deal-hunting.

Social Cipher (Founder: Amy Wu and Vanessa Castañeda Gill)

Social Cipher makes video games to empower autistic youth, with the goal of reimagining a diagnosis as a superpower, not a deficit. Though gameplay and roleplay, they help give neurodiverse players a safe space to learn and practice social skills and self-advocacy.

VOXAPOD (Founder: Amanda Wilson)

VOXAPOD’s mission is to work towards a world where all menstruators have access to safe and sustainable period care products, as well as menstrual health education. Using medical-grade silicone, VOXAPOD creates comfortable, hygienic, toxin-free menstrual cups, which can be reused for years, eliminating tons of waste. As marginalized girls in developing countries begin menstruating, it can be difficult for them to stay in school, if they lack access to period care products. By providing these resources, VOXAPOD hopes to keep more girls in school and promote equal opportunity for education.

Holisticism (Founder: Michelle Pellizzon)

Holisticism provides free and affordable resources that help make wellness more inclusive, intersectional, and accessible. Their aim is to support any human on their wellness journey, especially those who haven’t always felt represented in that space. Holisticism caters to diverse populations and elevates practitioners in whom they believe and trust, while also providing a virtual community for thousands of people interested in the intersection of health, well-being, and social justice.

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