Future Mathematicians at Work!

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by Savannah Lira, Program and Communications Associate

The Mathematics Resource Program at PVF has been serving low-income families and TK-3rd teachers in San Mateo and Alameda County for years, allowing them to purchase much-needed math resources for their classrooms.

Thanks to the Heising-Simons Foundation, we are able to get critical math materials and professional development for public school classrooms and teachers who often struggle with limited resources. We are proud to share with you some of the impacts these grants have made:


“I am very grateful and appreciative of your generous donations that allowed me to purchase the Hand2Mind Math Talks and Guided Math materials. I have implemented the Math Talks into my daily math lesson. A Math Talk is designed to elicit multiple strategies and provide opportunities for students to reason about the relationships in the numbers and make connections in mathematics.” 2nd Grade, El Toro Health Science Academy in Morgan Hill

El Toro Heath & Sci Academy_ Judy Scovel math 4
El Toro Heath & Sci Academy_ Judy Scovel math 6

“Enhancing our mathematics curriculum has been a focus in our program over the past few years. Since offering the new materials, we have noticed an increase in mathematical vocabulary (balance, mass, volume, heavy, light, vertex, 3-D shapes, prism, subtraction, addition, classification, angle, vertical, horizonal, octagon, triangle) and concept development (classification, patterning, length, weight, geometry, and mathematical reasoning).” Mary Meta Lazarus Child Development Center in San Mateo

“My students and I would like to thank you for your incredible donation, which helped supply our classroom with a variety of manipulatives to be used during our math block. These manipulatives help tremendously when it comes to teaching and engaging students visually and physically with essential math concepts.” Kindergarten, Santee Elementary School in San Jose

Santee Elementary Tina Aberg – Math 1
Santee Elementary Tina Aberg – Math 3

“Thanks to the Math Grant, we were able to purchase enough materials for students to use in differentiated math. These materials included multiplication puzzles, place value, time and money games, and multi-step problem solving kits. The primary goal of these math rotations was for the teacher to work with small goups of students, on targeted math concepts and skills, while the rest of the class would have the opportunity for extra practice or relevant enrichment.” 2nd Grade, Heather Elementary School in San Carlos

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to my students. I hope you know how valuable your support has impacted how my students learn math and how I teach math to my students. Your donation of hands on math materials such as number bond hangers, expo markers, number stamps has made teaching math fun and engaging to all of my students, especially my Second Language Learners. Words cannot express how grateful we are of your program. Your program helps provided much need math materials that help make math concrete and meaningful. Without your program, there would be no way my school would be able to provide these materials for my students. Kindergarten, Jeanne Meadows Elementary School in San Jose


The Math Resource Program will open again in the fall for the 2019-2020 school year!

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