Supporting Talented, Young Latinx Activists at Oakland Tech

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By Aly Quiroz-Perez, Program Associate

In the fall of 2017, a group of Oakland Technical High School students began working together to disseminate information related to DACA and immigration given the political climate around these issues. These students are part of the Latinx Student Union (LSU), a student-run group with a mission to provide a safe space for students to explore their identity and address issues that affect the community at large. Livier Perez, the group’s advisor, reached out to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation and asked for support. PVF provided a grant to go towards informational workshops and refreshments.

Ms. Perez reported the grant “impacted students greatly…. LSU was able to provide crucial information and updates on DACA, TPS, and plan for an assembly.” The workshops were also a space for students to share their fears, hopes, and emotions surrounding these issues. During one meeting, a representative from La Clinica visited the group, answered student questions, and shared drop-in hours for her legal clinic.


PVF Founder Bill Somerville and Program Associate Aly Quiroz-Perez attended a special assembly organized by the LSU, a culmination of the year’s meetings and informational sessions, at which they heard from the students themselves. There were spoken word performances as well as music and dance presentations, all centered on educating the entire student body about Latinx culture and identity. The assembly ended with a thunderous applause from the student body. Everyone was supportive and positive.

PVF is honored to have supported these talented, young activists in their work to provide resources and information to their fellow Latinx peers as well as educating others about their community.

Oakland Tech Latinx Assembly
photo from Oakland Technical High School
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