Where’s Sheryl? Finding Simple Can Be Significant

 In non-profit, Where’s Sheryl

Kids and Art Foundation, founded by Purvi Shah, finds artists to work with kids in the waiting rooms at Packard and UCSF. It also provides workshops throughout the Bay Area for over 300 kids and their families.

Innovative virtual reality glasses invite children to escape to an imaginative world while waiting for cancer treatments. These glasses are one of many projects where local artists create art with kids, letting kids be kids, and creating space for them to laugh in a world of color and music.

Purvi’s vision to make kids smile and remake waiting rooms came from personal experience when her own son was getting treatment. “Those were such painful and dreaded days when we had to go to the hospital and sit in a suffocating colorless waiting room swallowed by fear of the unknown.”

PVF is proud to fund this innovative and valuable program.

Kids and Art Foundation
Virtual reality glasses from Kids and Art Foundation.
Coastside Childrens Center
Jan Cohen, Interim Executive Director at Coastside Children's Programs, staying dry.

PVF also recently helped Coastside Children’s Programs, which serves over 300 mostly bilingual children and adults in 3 locations in preschool and after school programs on the Coast.

When Sheryl visited, she saw raindrops everywhere. There was rain pounding on the shingled roof and dripping through the ceiling into large plant containers and beer barrels placed strategically to catch the streams of water.

PVF immediately responded with funds to replace the roof so that kids can be dry and free of mold.

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