Bill Somerville’s Grantmaking Style Takes Center Stage at TEDXBYU

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Did you know it takes approximately 26 hours on average for an organization to apply for a grant – including staff meetings, paperwork, and interviews?

Bill Somerville, founder of PVF, is on a mission to change this.

For the past 25 years, Bill has been demonstrating the power of funding people rather than paper. He started PVF to do paperless, grassroots giving with a fast turnaround, a radical approach to philanthropy that is working – since 1991, we have given out more than $119 million in grants, made possible through our work with hundreds of donors committed to this idea.

Bill’s bold approach to giving has caught the attention of not only donors but also media outlets and fellow foundations; he has consulted at more than 400 foundations and has been profiled in numerous articles. His latest venture in spreading his message? Giving a TED Talk at Brigham Young University in April.

Throughout his TEDxBYU talk, Bill speaks about how the simple can be significant when it comes to philanthropy, touching on our immediate response grant programs and fast funding for grassroots organizations that have a big impact on the community.

Interested in hearing for yourself? Check out Bill’s TED Talk below!

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