Food Distribution – Simple, Efficient, and Built on Trust

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by: Bill Somerville, Founder

The first step to distributing healthy food to needy families is getting access to the food first. Recognizing this, PVF provided the funds to the Catholic Worker Program in Redwood City for a truck to pick up food from a San Francisco produce mart.

The process is simple. Vendors in the produce mart have either extra food items or items that are considered not desirable anymore.

Workers from the Catholic Worker Program show up with hand carts and ask the vendors for food. The truck is loaded and off they go to locations to distribute the food for free.

This process has gone on for 30 years. It is based on trust with all of the parties involved knowing each other, efficiency in the simplicity of the process, and generosity of everyone involved giving their time and resources.

20151218_111301 (1)
Catholic Worker House volunteers distributing food.
Families in need wait to take home food collected by the Catholic Worker House.
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