The Power of Pooling Charitable Giving Efforts to Maximize Impact

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This past year, Stanford University’s class of 1979 came together for more than just their class reunion – they also launched a charitable project known as the Class of ‘79 Education Fund. The fund was inspired by the Class Panel, which featured their classmates talking about their life’s journey. People were so moved by the stories of their fellow classmates’ philanthropic passion to support the education of youth around the globe from the Middle East to Afghanistan and Nepal that they resolved then and there to lend their support.

The alumni class panel where the idea for the Class of '79 Education Fund began.

Their call to action for donations elicited a tremendous response from fellow alumni – within 15 days they raised more than $15,000 to fund the higher education pursuits of disadvantaged youth with the potential to become community leaders. This financial security allows these emerging leaders to focus on their studies and develop their leadership skills.

Using PVF as their fiscal depository because no other foundation could move so fast or be as flexible, the Class of ‘79 Education Fund accomplished much in its first year of operation, including:

– Funds for the first year of college for three girls – Fatan, Hassna, and Mirvat – who graduated from the Middle East Children’s Initiative (MECI), an organization that supports Middle Eastern girls who aspire to go to college and become community leaders.

– Gap funding for Tashi Sherpa from Nepal to attend Gettysburg College for one year. This funding has since been renewed for a second year!

– Funds to pay for one full semester of courses for Rahmat Hamdard from Kabul to attend Dunya College of Afghanistan. The Class of ‘79 Education Fund partnered with Skateistan, Tony Hawk’s organization that mentors youth in Kabul, to get these funds to Rahmat. These funds have been renewed for another semester. Rahmat is already displaying strong leadership abilities; in addition to being a student, Rahmat won a top award for a film he made, spoke at a convention in Doha, became a WISE scholar, and started his own Afghan organization called Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA) to grow the Model UN project he leads.

Tashi Sherpa, a student from Nepal, attends Gettysburg College thanks to the Class of '79 Education Fund.

The first year of success for this new affinity group, Class of ’79 Education Fund, depicts the power of pooling charitable giving efforts to maximize impact. Have you ever considered joining or creating an affinity group to stretch your philanthropic dollar? PVF works with donors to customize their giving in order to do just that, and we would love to work with you on your particular charitable interests.

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Class of '79 Education Fund's Peter Dalglish working with youth in Afghanistan.
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