Teacher Resource Grant Thank You’s

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Each year we receive heartfelt thank you letters, pictures and projects from teachers who have been awarded grants from our various Teacher Grant Programs. Here is a selection of what we have received:

Pier 39 – Acorn Woodland Elementary, Oakland: Ms. Lissette Averhoff took her students to Pier 39:

“As more funding gets cut, students in under-served communities get hit the hardest; we work hard to level the playing field for our kids by giving them access to an excellent education and to enriching experiences. Thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity to my class.”

Creative Writing Workshops – Far West High School, Oakland: 40 high school students in need of academic and art enrichment took part in the creative writing workshops.

“The students’ work reflected their struggles with homelessness, abusive relationships, peer pressure,  violence, poverty, lack of love, and serious medical issues. There were many lively discussions about choices and what the future may hold for these students.”

Mosiac Project Outdoor School – Learning Without Limits, Oakland: Ms. Morgan Alconcher, a fifth grade teacher, received a grant for her students to attend the Mosaic Project Outdoor School, which, as she explained in her grant request, is about more than learning about the outdoors:

“In our community in east Oakland, our families and students come from a wealth of culture and  diversity. Unfortunately, they also face the daily task of navigating violence and distractions that permeate many of their lives. The opportunity to be at Mosaic allows them time to be reflective, and really make decisions about the people they want to be. The Project gives them the language, a way of thinking, and space to practice spreading peace rather than poison.”

Math Games and Slider Boards – Santa Teresa Elementary School, San Jose: Ms. Andrea Neff was awarded a grant for games and slider boards for her 2nd grade classroom.

“My students love using these, it gives such a great visual for them. They  have been so much fun for the kids to engage and learn so of these difficult tasks. We very much appreciate your donation. You are helping teach my fabulous class of kids.”

Nature Journals – Orion School, Redwood City: Ms. Ellen Spector was awarded a grant to purchase journals for her students to draw pictures and write descriptions of things they saw in nature.

“The journals sent a message to the kids that this important work that they  were doing. The drawings in their journals were a springboard for conversation with their parents about what they were learning in nature studies class.”

Math Puzzles and CDs – Franklin Elementary School, Burlingame: Ms. Christina Bengle was awarded a grant to purchase math materials to make her lessons more engaging and accessible for her 2nd grade students.

“These materials make math come alive for my students. They have proven to be engaging and challenging. Thank you for your generosity and investment in my students’ future.”

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