Meng Vocational Grants

Grants for community college students pursuing vocational degrees

The Charles and Connie Meng Scholarship Program was created by PVF in 1998 for donors interested in supporting students pursuing vocational careers.  The Meng Program provides $1,000 scholarship grants to Alameda County community college students pursuing vocational and trade careers as cooks, pharmacy technicians, dental assistants, paralegals, apparel designer and merchandisers, cosmetologists and x-ray technicians. Since the program was established, PVF has worked closely with high school and community college faculty and financial aid officers to identify mature, motivated and career-focused young people for whom this financial assistance would make a difference.

Program Details


Alameda County community college students pursuing a vocational degree.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a full-time student enrolled in a 2-year vocational training program at an Alameda County community college.
  • Have a career goal and a minimum GPA of a 2.5
  • Show evidence of financial need and partial self-support
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Be under 30 years old

$1,000 scholarships available to be used for books, transportation, and other school-related expenses.


There are two application deadlines each year:

  • For fall semester funding: September 30th
  • For spring semester funding: February 28th 

Please note: we will accept applications prior to these dates. We encourage you to submit your application before the deadline to ensure a faster turnaround time. 


Complete the following application, including all supplemental documents:

Meng Scholarship Application


For questions, please contact us at (510) 645-1890 or

“I have always had a hard time in school because I have learning disabilities, but I always do the best I can and make good grades.  I want to start working as soon as I can so I can take care of myself and make my family proud of me.”

– a Meng Scholar who aspires to become a dental assistant

No longer accepting applications.




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Help us keep this program thriving.

“It is with heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I write these words.  As a foster youth, it has been a long, hard battle to ‘find’ myself in the world and to articulate a career path that would be personally fulfilling, sufficient to provide a quality existence to my family, as well as address some of the problems that youth in my community continue to face under the present economic conditions.  I assure you your support in my life will have continued and direct positive affects on many lives.  In addition to mastering my trade as a carpenter, it is my goal to mentor young people who share the background that I have survived.”



– Joey, a carpentry student, sums up beautifully the enormous impact that this small grant has made