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At the close of the 2022-2023 school year, the committee of The Childress Family Foundation Scholarship Fund announced college scholarships of $10,000 to four outstanding graduating students at Mayfair High School in Lakewood, California. These scholarships aim to recognize student athletes and support their college education.

For the coming 2023-2024 academic year, the Childress Family Foundation Scholarship recipients are:

Donny Brooks – Donny played Men’s Baseball during his time at Mayfair High School and will be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara.

To me, being a student-athlete means dedication, commitment, and fun. [It] has taught me the importance of leadership, team-building, discipline, and applying maximum effort in everything I do. It is a grind, but I have lots of fun playing on the field and being around my teammates. As a scholar-athlete, I take pride in maintaining a high academic record and ranking in the top 5% of my class since my freshman year. I love being a student-athlete, and it has given me the tools to stay prepared and ready for college: focus, time management, and organization. – Donny Brooks

Mercedes Sibrian – Mercedes played Women’s Soccer and and Men’s Football at Mayfair High School and will be attending Life Pacific University.

Being a student athlete to me is so much bigger than just the classroom and the field. It’s learning how to multitask, learning how to work with different personalities inside the classroom or on the field, being a leader, whether that’s sitting in the front of the classroom or taking control on the field, and most importantly, learning how to just be the best version of myself in any way possible. Following graduation, I plan to look ahead and pave an amazing new path while also never forgetting what got me there. Facing lots of adversity not only in sports, but in life, wouldn’t have been possible to overcome without the overwhelming amount of support from my community. – Mercedes Sibrian

Matthew Ward – Matthew played Men’s Football and Baseball at Mayfair High School and will be attending Louisiana State University where he plans to take on a degree in Business with an emphasis on accounting and walking on to the university for football and baseball.

Dae’Janae Hannah – Dae’Janae played Women’s Basketball and Track & Field at Mayfair High School and will be attending Clark Atlanta University.

Out of all my years at Mayfair High School, my most valuable and important times are the times I spent with my teammates and my coaches. I have gained so much knowledge and life lessons in a matter of two years that I wouldn’t have learned until years later in life had it not been for the powerful impact left on me. Not only did I get and build a great family, I was able to learn skill and talents in two sports that I love dearly that can and will potentially get me far in life. The love I have for both basketball and being a thrower is beyond words, and I can’t wait to see where Track & Field continues to take me and the lessons I continue to learn. – Dae’Janae Hannah

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