Using a Special Education Grant to Support Communication Skills

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Through PVF’s Special Education Grant program, grants of up to $500 are available to Alameda County and Contra Costa County teachers and therapists to serve special education students with moderate-severe learning needs.

Maja Baluta, a Speech Language Pathologist in Contra Costa County working with 25-40 special education students with severe speech delays, requested funding for language developing games and cards in order to support their communication skills.

Below is her report back on the effect of this grant.


“Today, I worked with two students using my new Anytime artic card games to elicit the correct production of the /s/ and /s/ blends sounds. I played the Basic Concepts Chipper chat with my students that struggle with language and basic concepts such as prepositions: in, on, under, in front, or behind. My other students that have severe apraxia of speech used new articulation cards and oral motor cards to practice motor movement. My caseload of students with autism will use the Granny Candies inferencing cards and activity book. They will also use the Story builder to acquire skills such as sequencing, time, space, order of events, and detail of events. I also replaced my used and falling apart rubber mouth puppet, I use it all the time to show tongue placement for a variety of sounds such as k,g, t,d, and n sounds. It is a great tool I used often in my past 12 years of practice.

Thank you for your thoughtful donation of $500 to the Highlands Elementary Preschool Speech Program. Students that need intensive therapy to develop their language skills will be able to practice using a variety of materials and games. Truthfully, I could not do this without you. I, and those students who I serve, sincerely appreciate your generosity.” – Maja Baluta, Preschool Speech Language Pathologist

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