2021 Cocokind Impact Foundation Awardees

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Priscilla Tsai founded Cocokind to provide a clean, certified organic, socially conscious, and accessible skincare line, based around superfoods.

Through PVF, Cocokind Impact Foundation provides grants of $2,500 to $10,000 to female-identifying entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries to create social impact through business.

Each grant recipient also receives a Cocokind Impact Mentor from Cocokind’s network of successful founders and leaders in the wellness space for the year after receiving the grant.

Here are the winners of Cocokind Impact Foundation’s 2021 grant cycle:


Pound Cake (Co-Founder: Camille Bell)

Pound cake is a pro-Black, pro-fat, and pro-queer cosmetics company with community at its core, that prioritizes hiring employees, vendors, partners, and interns from marginalized communities and uses external messaging to address the racist, fatphobic, and ableist origins of beauty and how the industry continues to perpetuate those ideals.

Alaya Tea (Co-Founders: Esha Chhabra and Smita Satiani)

Alaya Tea supports the next generation of regenerative organic farmers, only works with Fair Trade of Fair for Life farms, prioritizes plastic reduction through its supply chain and compostable packaging, and has the goal of making organic foods more accessible.

Undefined Beauty (Founder: Dorian Morris)

Undefined Beauty promotes inclusivity by incorporating diversity on the branding/packaging and prioritizes Conscious Capitalism by partnering with Female-Founded, BIPOC and LGBTQ businesses across its supply chain.

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