Small Needs, Big Impact

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By Savannah Lira, Program and Communications Associate

Recognizing the timely needs of vulnerable youth in foster care or court dependency, PVF created the Social Worker/CASA Resource Grant Program. These grants are designed to meet the critical needs of these youth as identified by their Social Workers and Court-Appointed Special Advocates.

We have seen these small grants make a big impact in the lives of our communities’ children and youth. Below are just a few recent responses from recipients:

Winter Brothers

“Thank you for making a dream come true for my CASA youth! The look on her face brought tears to my eyes when I told her she had money to spend on new school clothes. You would have thought someone told her she just won the lottery! She was overjoyed, excited and so very grateful! She asked that I pass on her deepest gratitude to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation for this grant. It was a day that she said she will remember the rest of her life.” Kristin Kinyon, CASA Volunteer, Contra Costa County.

“Thank you so much for helping my son get a new bed of his own. I have been struggling to try and save up to purchase separate beds for my two children. They have been so patient with me in regards to sleeping together in the same queen size bed for a while now. It is a relief that you stepped in and helped, we are so appreciative for your services provided. I am truly grateful for all your help.” – Mother of a dependent youth, San Francisco County

“I can only descibe the feelings of appreciation expressed by the youth and myself for the grant. The ability to bring back some normalcy of having a change of clothes, along with the knowledge that someone cares is priceless. We appreciate the gift of your grant.” Eileen Chin, CASA Volunteer, San Mateo County

“One of the things I have observed about my CASA youth is her desire to be like a “normal” kid and not a foster kid. Helping her foster family afford to give her the experience of participating in gymnastics helps her feel “normal” and enriches her life in so many ways.” Elizabeth Werhel, CASA Volunteer, Contra Costa County

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