A Tool Scholarship in Support of JobTrain’s Services and Students

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by Anita Brown, Program Officer

“We appreciate your long-time support of JobTrain. Because of the support and commitment of Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, our students’ lives are transformed for the long term.” –Barrie Hathaway, JobTrain President and CEO

PVF created a Tool Scholarship program for graduates of JobTrain, a training program for the unemployed. PVF provides funding for the tools they are required to have on the job, and the students are selected by the instructors for their perseverance, attendance, attitude, and drive. Over 200 students have benefited.

In 2018, our grant to JobTrain was used to purchase tools for trainings, including scrubs for students in JobTrain’s Medical Assistant class, and tool kits and work boots for Project Build: Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship students.

“JobTrain’s programs and services are an effective pathway out of poverty…. In the last year, 1,100 low income men and women received intensive services, nearly 500 of whom have taken advantage of our career pathway education,” said Barrie Hathaway, President and CEO of JobTrain, “Of those, 85% completed rigorous, intensive career training and 77% of them, so far, have gone to work earning an average annual wage of $45,000. 81% of our graduates are still working one year later, securely on their own path to economic stability.”

JobTrain – Alex
Alex, who graduated from JobTrain’s Medical Assistant program
JobTrain – M.A. Students Practicing Skills_
Students learning healthcare skills

Below is the story of Alex, who graduated from JobTrain’s Medical Assistant program, from JobTrain’s report:

While growing up Alex faced many challenges, including losing her parents at a very young age, and being in the foster care system. She had her daughter while still in high school. With the help of her husband’s family and her own perseverance, she successfully graduated from high school.


Motivated to create a better life for her daughter and herself, Alex enrolled in JobTrain’s Medical Assistant class. She also enrolled her daughter in JobTrain’s Child Development Center, who benefitted from a high quality child development program, at no cost to Alex.


Alex was extremely focused in class – she even turned in her assignments before the due date. Based on her excellent performance, her Instructor and Job Developer placed her in an externship at Kaiser in Redwood City. She was assigned to the Oncology unit and when her Job Developer checked in with her, Alex said she felt a strong connection to the patients undergoing these treatments.


After she completed her externship, Alex applied to all open positions at Kaiser and went to an interview for the flu clinic. She was surprised to find out the interviewer was her former externship supervisor and she was hired on the spot. Although she had been interviewing for the flu clinic, the supervisor was able to make an adjustment so she could work in Oncology.


Alex now works for Kaiser as a Medical Assistant, making $25.04 per hour, and her future looks bright!

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