SheEO’s Top 5 U.S. Ventures

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by Anita Brown, Program Officer

PVF has been supporting SheEO by being their designated fund partner in the U.S. since the organization launched its program in the U.S. in 2016.

Under SheEO’s model to support female entrepreneurs, up to 1,000 women (called “activators”) each contribute $1,100, which is pooled into a fund and loaned out, interest-free, to local, women-led ventures with a social good mission. Funds are paid back over five years and then reinvested over and over again.

This year, SheEO conducted its second round in the U.S. and recently announced its top five ventures:

  • 10Power (CEO, Founder: Sandra Kwak), financing renewable energy, providing clean water and power, and offering technical training to developing communities around the world
  • ayzh, Inc. (Founder, Chief Executive: Zubaida Bai), bringing simplicity, dignity, and access to women’s health with low-cost, high-quality products for babies, girls, and women worldwide
  • Greensulate (CEO: Amy Norquist), one of the first U.S. green roof and green walls companies, bringing green space back to cities through of integrated design, engineering, installation and maintenance of green infrastructure (e.g. ecoroofs, urban agriculture, etc.)
  • In This Together Media (Founder, Creative Director: Saira Rao), creating young adult and children’s books with more diversity (e.g. race, gender, gender identification, and sexual orientation), allowing readers to see themselves in what they read
  • LOLIWARE (Co-Founders: Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker), the world’s first Edible Bioplastic Company dedicated to replacing plastic with edible, hypercompostable materials—100% gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, all natural, non-toxic, safe, and FDA approved

As we’ve seen previous SheEO ventures come to great success, we’re excited to follow the progress and growth of these companies in the coming years.

(L-R) Sandra Kwak, 10Power; Chelsea Briganti, LOLIWARE; Saira Rao, In This Together Media; Zubaida Bai, ayzh, Inc.; and Amy Norquist, Greensulate (photo from SheEO)
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