Where’s James? Discussing the future of maritime innovation in Alameda

 In Where's James

by Anita Brown, Program Officer

We at PVF enjoy brainstorming new ideas with imaginative leaders from different industries.

After connecting at the SOCAP conference in October, James Higa (PVF’s Executive Director) recently met with Stephen Bediako, a SOCAP17 Social Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient.


Stephen works with government, businesses, and charitable foundations. He is the Founder of The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and Founder and Board Member of Project Oracle. He leads TSIP’s work in combining academic research with strategy and supporting clients in developing innovative products and services to solve problems in society.

More recently, Stephen has been working with Turning Basin Labs, a cooperative that works with leaders, government agencies, and organizations to benefit workers in maritime industries. The cooperative runs a four-month intensive innovation fellowship program to develop leaders in logistics, manufacturing, maritime, and power. James and Stephen discussed the future of maritime innovation in Alameda.

It was great to meet with Stephen. Here at PVF, we love sparking ideas, forging collaborations, and shaping creative grantmaking.

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