Where’s James? Catching Up with Venus Rodriguez

 In Where's James

PVF Executive Director James Higa recently met with Venus Rodriguez to get an update about her Survivor Union Network.

We at PVF first met and supported Venus at MISSSEY, an organization providing services and working for systemic change for commercially sexually exploited youth.  She then went on to work at Not for Sale, an organization combating human trafficking, where she founded the Reinvent Program, a work readiness program for young women (18-24-year-olds) who identify as survivors.

Subsequently, Venus created the Survivor Union Network (SUN) to provide job training and development for survivors of human trafficking.  SUN’s TAPP Training and Placement Program launched in January, benefiting a cohort of 8-12 women.  PVF was proud to provide seed funding for the program as well as funding for a training space.

“It’s our duty to be the light and create a generation of survivors who are empowered, strong, and free of dependence on the system or underground street economy,” Venus said.  She added, “James Higa, you already know how much I appreciate you!! You were the first one to reach out, believe in, and back my vision for SUN, and I’m so proud to see it come to fruition.”

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