Leveling the Playing Field: Grants for a Strong Mathematical Foundation

Learning mathematics at a young age is important for building a strong educational foundation. Unfortunately, this can be stunted by a lack of math resources available for very young learners in the public school system. The Mathematics Resource Program at PVF aims to address this deficit by providing grants for preschool through 3rd grade teachers to purchase much-needed math materials for their classrooms.


Grant recipients regularly report back to us about the impact these small grants have on their students. For example, the materials teachers purchase help students stay focused through hands-on learning experiences:

“My students enjoyed using something new and the result was that they were very focused during math time even though typically most children are not very engaged at the end of the year. Not only was it generous, but also it was a very simple process, which we appreciate immensely.” – Chris Bean, Kindergarten teacher at Latimer Elementary

“All of these items we were able to purchase will provide social interactions, team building skills, partner talking as well as a strong foundation for mathematical operations. Without this money, our students might not be able to have the numerous hands-on activities and experiences needed to further strengthen their love for learning.” – Angela Basile, Transitional Kindergarten teacher at P.A. Walsh Elementary

In addition, Math Grants help new teachers supplement the minimal materials provided to them:

“As a new teacher, I walked into the classroom with minimal materials, many of which were not age-appropriate for Transitional Kindergarten. But, with your generous donation, I have been able to supply my class with materials that are more suited for the concepts and skills taught to Transitional Kindergarten students. I am appreciative of the generosity The Heising-Simons Foundation has provided in helping my students receive materials that are imperative to their learning.” – Courtney Wong, Transitional Kindergarten teacher at Meadows Elementary School

Specifically designed to support low-income public schools, these grants also provide much-needed support to teachers working in underserved communities:

“Many of my students are English Learners and have limited pre-school experience. As we approach the rigorous levels required by our Common Core State Standards, the math tools we purchased have helped my students gain confidence and competence. Thank you for making these generous grants available to teachers like me who serve in under-resourced communities and schools. Our aim to provide an equitable education for all students is enhanced by your partnership with us.” – Susan Stanchfield, Transitional Kindergarten teacher at Taft Community School

Generously funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation, PVF’s Mathematics Resource Grants remain popular among San Mateo and Santa Clara County public school teachers striving to build a strong mathematical foundation for their students.



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