PVF works with individuals, families, foundations and businesses who are interested in innovative and significant philanthropy.

PVF works with Individuals and Families to:

  • Create giving programs specifically tailored to meet your needs and interests
  • Develop goals and strategies
  • Introduce ideas and programs that make philanthropy exciting and satisfying
  • Identify little known, high-impact programs
  • Evaluate programs and assess results
  • Consult on innovative grant making
  • Provide leadership to succeeding generations in their charitable giving

PVF works with Private Foundations to:

  • Contribute to effective charitable programs, regardless of 501(c)(3) status
  • Reach individuals and programs doing outstanding work, anywhere in the world
  • Create and implement innovative giving programs
  • Evaluate existing giving programs
  • Review and evaluate proposals
  • Reduce administrative responsibilities and staffing costs
  • Consult on pioneering grant making at the grassroots level

PVF works with Businesses to:

  • Enhance corporate visibility and goodwill through original, dynamic projects
  • Identify outstanding charitable programs and assess results
  • Develop giving programs that match business goals with employee participation and community needs
  • Negotiate contracts with non-profit agencies to maximize giving programs
  • Initiate and implement customized giving programs