PVF’s Voice-Based Education Initiative



We know that extraordinary times calls for rethinking the ‘way it’s always been done’. PVF is known for our willingness to push creative and new ideas to tackle grassroots needs in our communities. One of the needs that COVID has exposed is the severity of the digital divide. Our classrooms have moved to remote online education and parents are struggling with home schooling. We hear from so many families who feel like they are being left behind.

We believe an overlooked but effective technology for quality remote learning is voice. Smart speakers and voice-based learning are a lower cost and lower bandwidth alternative to desktop computers, notebooks, Zoom calls, and heavier duty online tools. We believe we can more easily and quickly get this more lightweight remote learning solution into the hands of many more families in need with children who crave to learn.

You can support this initiative by donating to PVF.

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Send your check donation made payable to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, with “Voice-Based Education” in the check memo line, or accompanying grant letter to:

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Dawn Hawk, Chief Operating Officer

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation


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– Phyllis Koshland Friedman, Friedman Family Foundation