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The Special Education Resource Grants Program has brought numerous benefits, resulting in resources to teachers to maximize the skills of their students - teaching them to read, write and even speak, for the first time. It has helped fund opportunities to develop self-help skills and maximize students’ ability to be independent, sensory tools that serve as a calming influence to get students ready to learn, field trips, enriching the lives of students and providing them with new experiences and concepts, assessment tools so teachers can better understand a child’s issues and then formulate an education plan and improved teaching, not only in providing teachers with resources to meet the needs of the children but in boosting teacher’s morale.

"Your grant is almost equivalent to the amount of money that I am allotted for the entire year to purchase photocopies, therapy materials, test kits and books. With your grant, I am better able to help these struggling students succeed." Mia Falco, Speech-Language Pathologist, Iron House Elementary, Oakley, CA.

Special Education Resource Grants For Public School Teachers and Therapists in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Funding for this program is exhausted.

Click here for the Special Education Resource Grants Flyer!

Who: Any public school teacher or public school therapist serving special needs children (moderate to severe disabilities), pre-K through 12, in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties is eligible to apply. A maximum of two grants will be awarded to a school.

What: Grants of up to $500 are available to public school teachers and therapists to serve special education students pre-K through 12. Requests can be for classroom supplies and resources, therapists’ pull-out sessions, educational field trips, or professional development. Examples: sensory integration resources, developmental toys, speech and language materials, oral motor kits, independent living skills field trip, math manipulatives, resource books.

How: We've made it easy! Simply fax in a description of your idea on school letterhead, including the following information:

  • Date and "Special Education Resource Grant" notation
  • School and District Name, Address, Telephone and Fax Number
  • Teacher/Therapist Name, Grade Level, Job Description, email address
  • Classroom Description (please describe the population you serve)
  • Total Amount Requested
  • Description of Your Project
  • How many students will benefit
  • Itemization of how money will be spent (we encourage same grade level teachers to apply together to maximize this resource grant)
  • Applications must be signed by both the submitting teacher/therapist and the school principal

Deadline: Fax in your request in to (510) 645-1892 as soon as it is ready. If approved, funds will immediately be disbursed.

This program is made possible with funding by the Thomas J. Long Foundation




Special Education classroom in Vallejo California