#GIRLBOSS Foundation

Empowering creative young women to pursue artistic careers

The #GIRLBOSS Foundation is the charitable arm of Nasty Gal, a successful startup clothing company founded by Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso is also the author of The New York Times Bestseller, #GIRLBOSS. With the publication of #GIRLBOSS, Amoruso inspired a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands. Now she’s taking it a step further with the #GIRLBOSS Foundation. Through the Foundation, Amoruso awards financial grants to women in the worlds of design, fashion, music, and the arts, to help fund them on their way to becoming a GIRLBOSS.

Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis to female creatives pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Each grant beneficiary receives $15,000 in project funding. To be eligible, you must be a female US resident 18 years or older.

Some of the #GIRLBOSS Foundation grant recipients



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I want to innovate the way we style our homes and how we style our wardrobes to include sustainable, ethically produced textiles, and create jobs that empower women.


– Roseli Ilano of ILANO Design and GIRLBOSS grantee